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  • Is there any limit on the number of slides for presentation?

    Presentation should not exceed more than 10 slides in any round.

  • Is there anything else apart from the presentation that we need to submit?

    You can submit videos, PDFs, pictures in first, second and third level.

  • How can I make changes in the submission if I come to know after submission that something is wrong?

    You are only allowed to submit once. You cannot make changes after submission even if something has gone wrong.

  • What if my file size is bigger than the file size recommended for submission?

    You have to align your file size as per the recommendation for submission. There is no other way for submission allowed.

  • What do Teams submit in Level 1 and Level 2?
    • In level 1 team will have to submit a research plan in form of PDFs/ videos/ presentations.
    • In level 2 team will have to submit primary and secondary research findings in form of PDFs/ Videos/ Photos/ Recordings/ Presentations

    Please Note: Maximum of five documents and five videos can be submitted. Submissions can include PDFs / Photos / Recordings / Presentations.

  • Do teams needs to submit recordings and pictures of primary research?

    Submitting recordings and pictures after taking prior permission from the Foundation. That may act as aid for Piramal management in finalizing the teams for the next rounds.

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